97: Siyum Baruch SheAmar and Transition to Shema

"Who is it that appears to your inner self in all this awakening? It is God, Who is revealed to you by the history of your ancestors, Who in every age and generation is the all mighty, the all-sustaining, judging and guiding providence.

"...What should you be in this newly awakened world? What should you be in this choir of servants? You also should be a servant. You also should dedicate all your powers unitedly to His service. As His creating word calls forth the sun, and summons the light of the world, so has God's love appointed Israel as the bearer of the light of spirit and life, and as the bearer of the Torah."

— Rav S.R. Hirsch, Horeb, par. 628


Transition from Pesukei DeZimra to Shema