40: Our Actions Can Reveal God's Will in the World — Zokeif Kefufim Part IV זוקף כפופים

#40B P.S. Post Shiur Discussion:

When we pray using the words of the Siddur, our voices join the echoes of the voices of King David and all the prophets and righteous people who spoke those words before us. Also, a brief introduction to Asher Yatzar and Elokai Neshama. אשר יצר - אלקי נשמה.

The purpose of falling is to be held up by Hashem. The purpose of stumbling is to be caught by Hashem. The point of falling is what you do when you fall. The point of stumbling is what you do when you stumble. Remembering God's past kindnesses to you will help you cross the chasm from falling down to being.