Horeb #8: Tzedaka and Gemilus Chasadim Part 3: “Living to Give”

“…to say ‘may God be Blessed through me” means that one’s work is no longer his own doing; at the same time, one is not trying to gain his own ends. His status may be ever so humble, his beginnings may well be ridiculed by others, but he has been assigned to his post by God, the Master of heaven and earth, the King of the universe. God knows a man’s strength, God’s spirit animates him and He has placed him within the particular context of his occupation so that he may perform His will there and then. Man is His worker, and consequently, he has God at his side always."

Horeb #7: Tzedaka and Gemilus Chasadim Part 2 VeHeye Bracha, Ch. 88

“The concept of berachah, blessing, is the theme underlying all of a Jew’s thinking. It is the idea which every Jew should convert into a reality, and the entire Torah exists only to teach us the way in which we can and should bless Hashem. Indeed, the word baruch, from which the noun berachah is derived, encompasses the entire mission of the life of the Jew.”