Session 99: Emes VeYatziv — Truth and Stability, Part I: Transitioning from the Mind Space of Shema to Shemone Esrei

“In preparation for the Shemoneh Esrei we focus our minds on the miraculous events of geulas Mitzrayim which were clearly a manifestation of the personal involvement of HaKadosh Baruch Hu Himself in our redemption: 

אני ולא מלאך. אני ולא שרף. אני ולא השליח. אני הוא ולא אחר.”

(—Rav Schwab on Prayer, pg. 379)

“…since the splitting of the Red Sea [in response to the prayers of the Jewish People] revealed that Hashem is interested in what is best for us, its invocation establishes the perfect foundation for prayer. By mentioning our redemption at the Red Sea, we recognize that our needs are, in reality, the personal concern of Hashem.  …And it is this recognition that enables us to approach Hashem and engage Him…regarding our needs.”

(—Tefilla: Creating Dialogue with Hashem, Chapter 1)