Session 48: Even Unto Death — “U’VeChol Nafshecha U’VeChol Me’odecha” - ובכל נפשך

Please listen to the prior classes on Shema (at least sessions 43-47, and preferably sessions 39-47) before hearing this session, as they provide necessary foundation work.

"U'VeChol Nafshecha U'VeChol Me’odecha" — "…with all your soul and with all your might." Ultimately, our love of G-d means that we will stand by Him even unto death. Rabbi Akiva died with the words of Shema on his lips, and love in his heart — because he prepared his entire life for the eventuality of dying Al Kiddush HaShem, for the sanctification of God's Name. ובכל נפשך ובכל מאדך