Session 37: Baruch SheAmar V — The Bonus Track!

It's the Baruch SheAmar Bonus Track!

Just a week after Pesach, you get to peek at the material in Sarah's Secret Files… those mysterious Post-It Notes at the back of the notebook!

What is the connection between Baruch SheAmar and Borei Nefashos? Why would anyone braid their praises? How is prayer "Inner Divine Service"? How can we make Hashem's Name any greater than it already is? Why is "mentioning God's Name" so great?

Find out in this bonus session on Baruch SheAmar!

ברוך שאמר…ובשירי דוד עבדך… נגדלך ונשבחך ונפארך ונזכיר שמך…