Session 68: Metar Artzechem Be'Ito Part I ונתתי מטר ארצכם בעתו

"Everything relatively רע only appears רע when looked at alone, by itself, in a fraction of time and space. But this disappears, yea itself becomes טוב — …even temptation, suffering, death — and then because we did not expect it, even טוב מאד — as soon as we broaden our minds and look at the whole.

Just in the real "goodness" of these apparently "bad" things in life not only the טוב, but the טוב מאד of all that God created shows itself. …Could we but see at one glance the whole picture of God's management of events interworking with and on each other in all time and in all spheres even as He sees it, we should indeed agree with His verdict: VeHinei Tov Me'od! והנה טוב מאד! (—Rabbi SR Hirsch, Commentary on Bereishis)