74: Give Voice to Creation! • Intro to Pesukei DeZimra IV

Zimra: Pruning and directing growth; joyous song

"...[behold] how He, and He alone, is in everything, in the greatest as in the smallest, and the whole universe is enclosed in His greatness, so do you everywhere stand Sinai, let God everywhere reveal Himself to you, in everything great and small. Seek Him everywhere. Everything which has been, which is, which will be -- above all, everything which has happened and will happen to you, refer everywhere and always to God, and think of it as being only from God. So will every creature, even the smallest, every change, even the slightest, every fleeting moment, recall 'God' to you. The omnipotent, holy God will be everywhere present to you in His all-embracing greatness, so that you may be servants to Him and not sin...."  (Horeb, Yirah)