71: High-Level Overview • Intro to Pesukei DeZimra I

"משכנותיך. ... God's Sanctuary, as a rule, is described in the Psalms in accordance with its several chambers, דביר, היכל, and עזרה; ... These "abodes" with all that they symbolize, teach, give and stimulate, are the friends and advancers of all our spiritual and moral lives. ..."

"The Sanctuary of the Law is not called משכן here, but משכנות, which is a plural form, and quite properly so. For, as we have repeatedly noted, the Sanctuary encompassed three chambers... All three of these chambers are משכנות ה׳; they are abodes honored by the presence of the Lord. He is near not only to the ideal of the perfect fulfillment of the tasks set by Him. He is present also there where we are still engaged in the upward struggle from the bondage of sensuality to the freedom of self-discipline and of self-sacrificing devotion to the fulfillment of His will.”

— Hirsch on Tehillim 84:2 and 132:5