19: LaSechvi Vinah Part II לשכוי בינה

Admit it: You've always wondered why there was a rooster in your brachos, but you never bothered to ask!

In Part II, we dive deeper into the significance of the difference between night and day, the rooster's special sensitivity, and how that can inform our lives and inspire our prayers. "...Who gave insight to the intellect [or: the rooster!], to distinguish between day and night"

"The first morning that dawned over the world was, to Adam, a message that the Divine grace which he had fervently hoped for was granted to him. To him it meant that God had given him the chance to begin life all over again, and to atone for the transgression of the night. He greeted the first sunrise with a cry of heartfelt gratitude: "להגיד בבקר חסדך ואמונתך בלילות" — "To proclaim Your kindness in the morning" (Tehillim 92:3)." (—Rabbi Elie Munk, World of Prayer)

Click here to hear Part I, for the first half of the discussion on "...asher Nassan LaSechvi Vinah".