85: Chanuka: Fiery Determination to Sanctify God's Name

“You should show by your example, and bear witness by your deeds, that the true son and true daughter of Israel hold nothing higher than God and fulfillment of His Divine Will. And you shall, if it be necessary, willingly seal this testimony with your life, in that, if it must be, you offer it up in order to preserve your loyalty to God and to inspire such loyalty in your brethren. You will achieve more by your death than by your life, for you leave behind to the congregation of Israel an eternal example of faith which will inspire your children and your children’s children to a life of saintliness. 

"But if you sacrifice yourself to the hallowing of the Holy Name, do not expect a miracle to save you. Leave it in God’s hands. He alone can judge which is more worthwhile: death in the present or the life that might be left to you.” 

— Rav S.R. Hirsch, Horeb, "Kiddush Hashem"


Pachad Yitzchak Chanuka Maamar A

Baruch Gozer UMekayem | Gevura as Ultimate Chessed

75: Yiras Shamayim as the great stabilizer in our lives • Intro to Pesukei DeZimra V

"Yiras Hashem means, strictly, to see God everywhere and to feel your own littleness in His greatness.” (HorebYirah)

“…contemplate the all-conquering omnipotence of God. Here, too, we learn that unshakable trust which enables us to withstand all the vicissitudes of life and even death itself, and which enables all those pervaded with the genuine fear of God to unlearn the fear of human power or natural force, and in its place to acquire the skill of passing calmly and serenely through all the trials that are part of daily living.” (Hirsch SiddurGevuros)