Rav Hirsch | Chanuka Judaism Eternal

“One single pure spark, loyally treasured in but one single Jewish heart, is sufficient for God to set aflame once more the whole spirit of Judaism. And if… one little crucible of oil, one heart which in a forgotten hidden corner… has faithfully remained untouched and undefiled, this one crucible is sufficient to become the salvation of the entire sanctuary when the right time and hour has come. 

“Therefore, go and kindle your light at the festival of the Maccabees… In your own home there shall be a light for you and for your house… Our salvation has not issued from temples in the past, nor will it now — the deliverance will come from the home. How good are the sermons of your preachers, how well your cantors sing — this makes no difference. The important thing is how your children and babies prattle, whether the Jewish spirit shines in them, whether Jewish sap flows in their veins, whether the Jewish way of life is their education — on this depend victory and deliverance.”

– Judaism Eternal, Vol. II, Kislev pp. 22-28

Rav Brevda on Chanuka | Expect Miracles

Don’t miss this exciting class based on the teachings of Rav Shlomo Brevda, zt”l. Trace the evolving impact of Greek culture on the Jewish experience in the Bais HaMikdash, and the power of the Maccabees to rededicate hearts and minds to Torah and mitzvos.

You are miraculous. Your very existence is a miracle. “From a miraculous vessel, expect miracles.”

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