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A Jewish understanding of the power of prayer and how to make it relevant — and indispensable! — to your daily life. Filled with clear, practical insights and down-to-earth spirituality… you may never want to miss a day again!

Down-to-Earth Spirituality

  • How can I infuse my life with spirituality — without compromising my rationality?

  • How can I find meaning and inspiration in prayers someone else wrote?

  • How can a finite human relate to an Infinite Creator?

  • Isn’t it selfish to ask for my petty (or significant) personal needs, when so many people are suffering on a grand scale?

  • How can I tell if my prayers are working?

Join the Global Phenomenon

Join the weekly “Davening Shiur” — a mind-opening series that will walk you step by step into the fundamentals of Jewish prayer, a clear interpretation of key passages, and practical guidance for integrating heightened spirituality into your daily life, all based on the classic Jewish sources.

The "Prayer for Real People" podcast includes the original recordings and handouts of the weekly series (Wednesdays) delivered in Santa Monica, California. The "PowerON Prayer" series includes recordings from the sessions delivered at Ohr Eliyahu Academy in Los Angeles. The files are free for streaming, downloading and podcast subscriptions. You can learn more about me and my work by viewing my profile.

I value your feedback, and would be delighted to hear from you.

Contact me at prayer <@> with your comments or to inquire about hosting a lecture, workshop or series in your community.

You may never want to miss a day again!

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